Lash and Brow Treatments



Lash tinting is a quick and easy way to make you look and feel amazing. Eyelash tinting will give your lashes a darker and glossy appearance for up to 4 weeks. Imagine waking up with gorgeous dark lashes everyday without mascara. This treatment is fantastic for people with fair lashes, people who suffer from allergies, non makeup wearers or simply to give a darker, longer look to your lashes, it comes in a range of colours to suit all eye and hair colours.

Brow tinting is especially good for people with fine hair or thin and patchy eyebrows. It is also perfect for when you have darkened your hair and want your brows to match without having to use brow pencil everyday. Brow tinting generally lasts 2-4 weeks.

Brow Shaping

The brows frame our face and having the wrong shape to the brows can make you appear older and can also distract from your facial features. The latest fashion trend is not always what suits you best. We consult with each client to ensure that you get a shape you love and that suits you. If you are wanting to reshape your brows we can assist you to achieve the new shape. We use Pharo Sugar to remove unwanted hair as it is much more gentle than wax and will ensure your skin is nurtured throughout the treatment. We use and retail Christian Brow Powder Kits to help you have flawless brows every day!

Lash Lift

Make your eyes appear larger with a Lash Lift, a technique which sets or perms the lashes up. The eye area is opened and eyes appear bigger and more vibrant. Traditional lash perming uses rods, which curl the lashes back and can make lashes appear shorter than they are. A Lash Lift lifts the lashes up and lashes appear longer and fuller.

A Lash Lift lasts 4 to 8 weeks depending on the speed of your lash cycle and the length of your natural lashes. This is a great alternative for those who do not wish to use eyelash extensions. If you wish to correct lashes that point down or are straight this treatment is for you.