Waxing is the method used to remove the hair from the root with either hot wax or strip wax, At O'Hara Skin & Body Clinic we pride ourselves on offering the best for our clients, so we use Pharo Sugaring as our “waxing” method as it contains Manuka Honey rich in protein minerals and vitamins with antibacterial properties to protect and heal sensitive skin. The captivating sweet fragrance of Manuka honey adds a new dimension to the hair removal experience. In addition the gel contains the skin enhancers kiwifruit, aloe vera and lemon juice.

What results can be achieved?

The results that you will see from sugaring is smooth, hairless skin. Eyebrows can be neatly shaped with our highly trained eyebrow specialists. Sugaring can be used pretty much anywhere on the body from the face, all the way down to the toes. It is an extremely effective method of hair removal for those that don’t want to have to shave every day.

How many treatments will I need?

Sugaring is an ongoing process but it can slow down the hair growth over time. The treatment is generally done every 3-6 weeks depending on the area of the hair and the hair growth.

What will happen during my treatment?

During your treatment we will cleanse the skin with a specialized Prep Solution to remove any dirt from the area. We will then apply the all natural Pharo Sugar gel. The sugar gel is gently removed with a strip. Any ingrowns will be removed and once there is no hair left to remove we will apply a soothing cream to the area.

What will happen after my treatment?

The area may seem slightly pink and some feel warmth after the treatment which usually dies down quite quickly. We have found that our clients say the after effects from sugaring are significantly less than waxing. Majority of clients report they look and feel completely normal following the treatment

Is sugaring right for me?

Sugaring can be performed on any skin colour, hair colour and hair type. The only area that cannot be sugared are men’s beards as the roots of the hairs go too deep and can cause damage to the skin when removed. While sugaring is perfectly fine for most people there are a couple of contraindications such as medications like roaccutane and other acne medications, uncontrolled diabetes, Retin A’s, topical antibiotics and retinol on the area.

Is there any specific preparation or aftercare?

It is recommended not to exercise 24hrs post sugaring treatment as this will bring the blood to the surface and can cause an irritation. It is important to exfoliate in between your treatments to lessen the risk of ingrown hairs. Active ingredients (such as retinol or vitamin c) shouldn’t be applied for about 24hrs after your waxing appointment.