Skin Analysis


How well do you know your skin?

O'Hara Skin & Body Clinic is serious about skin and serious about results. We want you to enjoy our how treatments and products feel but more importantly we want to help you love the skin you're in and achieve healthy skin for life. We can assist you with age prevention but we can also REVERSE DAMAGE THAT HAS ALREADY OCCURRED!

How do we do this?

By using cosmedical and cosmeceutical skin care products and equipment that uses state of the art technology. Getting the results you desire all starts with a professional skin analysis by our highly trained and qualified skin therapists. To successfully treat a skin condition we must get a full understanding of the skin. This simply cannot be done with just the naked eye or magnifying lamps, we need to look beyond the surface of the skin to take the guess work out of skin prescriptions.


Dermograph™ is the first ever transdermal skin consultation system.

Using advanced science in an interactive system, the Dermograph™ teams up with our skin therapists to help you understand your skin and helps you find products and treatments that work for you.

Our transdermal skin imager utilizes the visible light spectrum and sensors that pick up on reflected light, a magnifying element, and a special light source to illuminate the skin’s layers.

Visible light typically penetrates a few millimeters through the skin and is enough for the sensors to safely  read and understand the various skin structures and components.


Dermograph™ measures the health of skin along thirteen different characteristics, carefully tailored to meet each clients unique skincare needs.

This innovative system allows your therapist to show you in clear images and reports the condition of your skin along with the future of your skin based on it's current condition. We then work with you to create a customized skin care prescription and treatment recommendations that suit your individual needs and goals. We even save all of your reports so we can track the progress of your skin over time.

Each Dermograph™ skin consultation includes an express LED facial treatment and you'll be able to take home your Dermograph™ skin prescription.