Skin Needling

Skin needling is a non-invasive, clinical treatment that uses microscopic needles to treat skin concerns such as aging and the tone and texture of the skin. Tiny puncture channels are created within the epidermis and dermis to encourage organic renewal and a regenerating response. As the needling device is moved over the skin, a natural skin reaction is created where circulation is increased and tiny electrical signals are triggered.

What results can be achieved?

Our clients can generally notice a change within the first few treatments, the skin will start to clear and appear smoother and more even. Results vary between clients and to get the most out of your treatment, it is best to follow the home care routine prescribed by your therapist. Using the correct home care will make up for 70% of your overall outcome. Results are ongoing, and continue to enhance over 6 months following the course.

What will happen during my treatment?

When you come in for your treatment we will cleanse the skin to make sure the area is free from makeup, moisturisers and sunscreen. We will then apply a numbing cream to make sure your treatment is comfortable, this is sealed in with glad wrap to ensure maximum absorbency. Once the skin is completely numbed (usually after 30-45 minutes) we will sterilise the skin with chlorhexadine and start moving the electronic needling device over your skin. This usually takes about 10-15 minutes. Once we have finished, we will use a saline solution to re-cleanse the area and apply specialised serum and a moisturiser. Sunscreen will be applied post treatment.

What will happen after my treatments?

Your skin will appear like a mild sunburn following your treatment and will settle within 48 hours, normally by that night. Slight swelling may occur directly after the treatment but will settle within a few days

Is Skin Needling right for me?

At O'Hara Skin and Body Clinic, we use state of the art equipment, highly trained and qualified technicians to ensure the safest, most effective procedure. There are a few restrictions when it comes to Skin needling, these include pregnant and breastfeeding women, some medications including Roaccutane and blood thinning medications like Warfarin. It is important when filling out our consult forms to be completely honest with us so we can perform a safe and effective treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

On average, the recommended number of treatments is 4-6 treatments once every 4-6 weeks (depending on skin sensitivity). Results vary depending on the clients’ needs. When you have your consultation the technician will give you a more accurate treatment plan based on your skin concerns.

Is there any specific preparation or aftercare?

It is very important with Skin Needling to correctly prep your skin before your first appointment. It is a great idea to come in for a chat with our lovely staff member who will be performing your treatment so we can recommend the products you need to get your skin ready. The most important active ingredient for Skin Needling is Retinol. This will strengthen your skin and increase the healing process of the treatment. It is essential to follow the home care routine that will be prescribed by your therapist. Daily sunscreen application is a must, not only while receiving this treatment but for every day after to protect your skin from further damage.